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Charge your EV overnight, just like your phone

What’s more convenient than being able to charge your electrical vehicle from the comfort of your own home? 

Our commitment at Evergize is to provide more accessible charging to all EV owners, which starts in your home. Faster charging at home gives you the flexibility and convenience to top up before your next trip without any inconvenience to your travel plans.

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Home EV Charging installation

Information we need before tailoring your residential EV charging solution –

Switchboard Access
As your current home wiring may not be adequate, we’ll assess the accessibility and distance of the switchboard to your EV’s parking location.

Home Electrical Capacity
The majority of older homes will have an insufficient electrical supply. We can assess and upgrade your home’s wiring, even if your mains wiring is in poor condition.

Car & Charger Suitability
It’s possible that you have already purchased your car, but if you are unsure about your charger, we can assist you. As experts in this field, we can help you choose the charger that is most suitable for your needs.

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Home residential charging station

Installing a home electric vehicle (EV) charging station is more than just a convenient addition to your household; it’s a transformational investment that brings a host of benefits to your life as an EV owner. Here are some compelling reasons why having a home EV charging station is a game-changer:

Convenience: The most apparent advantage is the convenience of charging your EV at home. You don’t need to visit public charging stations, saving you time and effort.

Cost Savings: Home charging is often cheaper than using public charging stations. You can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, reducing your overall charging costs.

Time Savings: With home charging, you can plug in your EV overnight or whenever it’s not in use. This means your car is always ready to go, with no waiting time at public stations.

Consistency: Home charging provides consistent and predictable charging times, ensuring your EV is fully charged when you need it, which is especially useful for daily commutes.

Energy Efficiency: You can install a Level 2 home charging station, which charges your EV faster and more efficiently than standard household outlets, reducing energy waste.

Emergency Backup: In the event of a power outage, some home charging stations have built-in backup power functionality, allowing you to use your EV’s battery to power your home temporarily.

Environmental Benefits: Charging your EV at home, especially using clean energy sources like solar panels, can significantly reduce your carbon footprint compared to fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

Ownership Flexibility: Having a home charging station may increase the resale value of your home as it appeals to potential buyers who own or plan to own EVs.

Privacy and Security: You have control over your charging station, so you won’t have to worry about theft or vandalism that can sometimes occur at public charging stations.

No Waiting: You won’t have to wait in line for a charging station, even during peak times, ensuring your EV is always ready when you are.

Increased Range: Owning a home charging station can encourage you to maintain a full charge, effectively extending the range of your EV, as opposed to allowing it to drain and then needing to find a public charger.

Customisation: You can choose a home charging station that suits your needs, from basic models to more advanced ones with smart charging features, scheduling, and data monitoring capabilities.

Sustainable Practices: By using your home charging station with renewable energy sources, you contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

A home EV charging station provides convenience, cost savings, and environmental benefits, while also offering security, flexibility, and time-saving advantages. It ensures your EV is always ready for your daily use and can even support your home’s power needs during emergencies.

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