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Myenergi Harvi Energy Harvesting Sensor


If you want to save time and money, installing an energy-harvesting wireless sensor Harvi is a must. It has many advantages, including the elimination of unsightly wiring throughout the home and the elimination of the need to lift up floorboards or disrupt home decor. This intelligent device enables the installation of the MyEnergi product family without the use of a hardwired current transformer.

Harvi is a clever little device that allows the Zappi and Eddi products to be installed without the need for a wired current transformer (CT) to measure grid and or generation power; instead, the CT is connected to Harvi. Harvi does not require a power source because the energy from the CT is harvested and used to transmit the measurement signal to the Zappi or Eddi. This means that batteries and electrical wiring are no longer required!

  • IMPORTANT: Will only work with V2+ Zappi
  • Zappis cater to a maximum of 3 CTs hardwired directly, harvi will be needed if no of CTs exceeds this for a single installation.
  • 3-year warranty covered

Additional information

CT Inputs

3 inputs enable 3-phase or multi-point power measurement

Measurement Range

25W to 15kW (50Hz AC, import and export)

Energy Harvesting Range

0.2A to 65A (including reactive current)


2.5% typical

Transmission Rate

1s @ 1A+, <10s @ 0.5-1A, <30s @ <0.5A

Wireless Interface

915 MHz (proprietary protocol)

Mounting Location

Indoor only (can be housed in an IP rated plastic box if required)

Operating Temperature

-30°C to +50°C


98 x 98 x 36

Signal Range From Harvi to Zappi:


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Product Enquiry

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