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This is the one renewable energy product that has the potential to significantly reduce your electricity bill. Some customers have seen this product provide a 100% ROI in as little as 12 months! What exactly does it do?

The eddi redirects excess power from your solar or wind turbine system, using it to heat your water or rooms rather than exporting it to the grid for pennies on the dollar.

To put it another way, you may end up paying 6c per kwh to heat your water or power your pool pumps instead of 28c if you power them directly from the grid!


  • 3.68KW / 16A max. heater load (each output)
  • Supports two heaters (sequentially)
  • Integral bypass switch
  • VariSine™ PWM technology
  • Fan-less cooling
  • Built-in programmable boost timer
  • Energy data logging
  • Graphical back-lit LCD screen for ease of use
  • Overload and short-circuit protected
  • Expansion module option
  • Wall mounting bracket for ease of installation
  • Fully EMC/RCM and safety compliant (CE)
  • 3-year warranty

Additional information


200 x 220 x 95mm

Converter Efficiency

97.3% min

Maximum load


Measurement Accuracy

+/- 1%


90-256V 16A 50/60Hz


EN60335-1, EN55014-1, EN55014-2, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3


3 Years

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Product Enquiry

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