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EV Home Charging Installation

You’ve either considered or have already decided to replace your petrol-powered vehicle with an EV (electric vehicle). And why wouldn’t you, with all the advantage and benefits that an EV provides, such as lower operating and maintenance costs (have you seen the price of petrol lately?) and also by lowering your energy footprint?

While it’s probably an exciting time for you transitioning into the EV space, one common issue that most new EV drivers overlook is how to power and charge their new EVs at home at the end of their daily commute.

Since 2000, the average Australian home has been powered by 240 V, which is more than enough to power most household appliances. However, in order to fully charge your new electric vehicle overnight, most EVs will require an additional boost to their home charging station with an electrician-installed EV charging station.

Without a dedicated EV charger for your home, your fallback options are Mobile Connector Adaptors which will come sold with your EV vechile.

Mobile Connector adaptors are an option if you haven’t yet installed a wall-mounted charger or if you’re about to embark on a long trip and aren’t sure if there will be any charging stations along the way or at your final destination.

However, installing a 3-phase supply EV wall charger at home or your business can provide up to 71km of range per hour, compared to around 15km per hour on a standard 230 V Moblie Adapter for your standard household outlet.

A full charge for you EV from a wall-mounted charger can take between 2 and 4 hours, compared to 12 to 15 hours with a mobile connector.

The advantage of having a dedicated EV wall charger is when you get home from work, you’ll plug your EV into the wall charger just like you would your smartphone, and every morning, you’ll have a “full tank of fuel” for your EV before your commute, work, or resume your day.

EVergize - Home Charging Station Installation
Estimated Charge Times
Phase Kw Charge Times
(single phase)
2.4Kw 20 - 37.5Hrs, Empty to full
(single phase)
7.4Kw 7 - 12.2Hrs, Empty to full
(three phase)
11kw 4.5 - 8.2Hrs, Empty to full
(three phase)
22kw 2.3 - 4.1Hrs, Empty to full

Based on 50Kw and 90Kw capacity electric vehicles.

Solar Installation

Solar charging

Some smart EV chargers have the ability to to monitor your Solar output and exclusively use that energy to charge your EV. Effectively you are using the suns energy to charge your car for free! Speak to us to find out more.

Tesla EV Wall Charger Installation Across Melbourne by EVergize
Zappi Black EV Wall Charger Installation in Melbourne by EVergize
Aaron Wati from EVegize Installing a Tesla EV Wall Charger
We support all EV brands

No matter your EV, EVergize has a charger.

EVergize provides all EV owners with affordable at-home charging units, regardless of the type of EV they own.

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We are accredited with leading EV providers and are up to date with the newest products and accessories to ensure that you’re in the best hands when it comes to Electrical Vehicle Charging. Installations performed by Wati Electrical.


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"Really rate Aaron and his team! Had some great advice for us around options for our 1920’s house and made our 3 phase upgrade a no brainer by giving our EC charge window from empty to full overnight and within our off-peak rates."
5 Stars
"Aaron and the team have helped to upgrade the main switchboard at my place and did an excellent job. Would use their services again!"
5 Stars
"Aaron and his team did a great job, his work was clean and quick. The positioning of the Tesla charger was perfect. I would highly recommend him."
5 Stars
"Very professional. Service delivered with high quality"
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